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The time is now: 5 ways you can support hospitality

We look at five ways to aid the recovery of the hospitality and nightlife sector following a tough 16+ months.

At a time when the hospitality sector is being brutally targeted by the government for COVID transmission, whilst only just entering recovery mode after a horrific 16 months of closures, it is more important than ever to support the community of venues DJs, promoters and staff who are trying to rebuild their livelihoods and regain some sort of financial stability. 

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson announced that vaccine passports would become mandatory in nightclubs from September, essentially slapping freedom of choice in the face. With an air of uncertainty around the future of hospitality, now is the time to fuse the dance community, unite and support the sector wherever possible to ensure its survival. 

Over the last year and a half, many of ‘the musical arts’ livelihoods slipped through the net for financial aid. DJs, lighting technicians and sound engineers all suffered financial stress. Venues of all sizes were unable to achieve any source of income as doors remained slammed shut. Other professions such as bar staff, establishment marketing and promotion managers all suffered a similar consequence. 

We do not know how long the government will allow nightclubs to remain open, throwing many hospitality careers under the bus once again. As it currently stands, the sector is open for business and restriction-free. We all need to remain positive and help the industry get back on its feet. 

Below are five ways we can support hospitality and aid its fight for survival. 


As venues open up, over a year of lost costs must be recovered to operate smoothly. Promoters will usually pay a fee to the space to cover certain outgoings, making their revenue on ticket sales alone. Therefore the promoter needs to be supported with as many paying customers as possible. 

Promoters have other fees to pay too. With an empty event calendar for a year and a half, it is vital as a community to give back and support those providing the entertainment for the night. 

Do not be messaging someone you have not spoken to on or off social media for a few years asking for +10 on the list. I can assure you it will be frowned upon and greeted with a cold ignore. 

Being on a guest list is a privilege. If, for whatever reason, you are on a guest list, offer a small donation to the cause, and crucially, make sure you show up.

The time is now: 5 ways you can support hospitality


A recent survey suggested that 45% of people in the UK are concerned about their local venues and 43% intend to attend an event or live music show. 

With a huge surge in online events and streams, it is now time for us to get back outside and start to purchase live event tickets again. Currently, we do not know how long nightclubs will remain open. Supporting financially through ticket sales right now is imperative to offer a boost in the fight for survival. 

A thriving nightlife industry will show the importance it has on the community. It will also show how nightlife can regulate and maintain stable mental health and positivity. 


Smaller venues have been hit the hardest during the pandemic. Unfortunately, we have seen many close their doors permanently, leaving a dark hole in many of our high streets and clubbing districts. 

These bars and spaces are the backbones of our industry and society. They are often independently run and therefore come without investment from the sidelines. These establishments operate from day to day and rely heavily on traffic through the door and drinks purchased at the bar. 

The vibe and intimate feel is often a far better experience than the chains and backed franchises, so go and explore your local venues. If the local scene fades away, the knock-on effect will be catastrophic. 


Be kind. Before you speak, take a minute and think. Things may not operate perfectly at first after many changes and time away. Several regulations have been put in place and enforced; therefore, it’s a little bit different and stressful for all. 

Take a moment to realise and understand what these places and people have encountered over the past 16 months. Be courteous and respectful. Always. 

The time is now: 5 ways you can support hospitality


Take a minute. 

Within that minute, you can engage with, like, comment and share a post from an event or an independent venue, DJ or someone looking for work within hospitality. Help businesses and people spread their message on one of their most important marketing tools – social media. 

By taking these small actions, you are helping the message reach its target market. By engaging, you will override algorithms and help promote the brand or business without spending fortunes on promotional activity. Endorse! Recommend! Take that one little yet potentially industry saving minute to aid the revival of the scene. 

These positive steps can push the sector down the road of recovery. Some of the support ideas may be simple, but simplicity is often the most effective of forms. 

Think of the alternative: A Life without music, dancing or social interaction. 

Take that one minute out of your day. Share that post, recommend that DJ, like an event page, book a ticket to see a band at your local drinking hole, make a difference and be part of rebuilding one of the most vital parts of our community.




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