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Technics launch a new entry-level turntable. The SL-100C

The legendary ‘SL’ range of decks now has a new family member, and it comes in the form of the SL-100 C.

The Japanese Panasonic audio subsidiary has been producing high-end DJ and production equipment since 1965. Since its release in 1979, SL-1200MK2 and its successors were the industry standard in all clubs and the most used turntable for DJing and scratching.

We all know the Technics brand to be the household name for quality and performance, but usually with a hefty cost, so the addition of an affordable turntable is a most welcome one.

The new model inherits many of the most popular features of the SL-1500C, an already more affordable version than the SL1200 series aimed at home use rather than club use. It features the same direct-drive motor at its core to maintain seamless speed control and avoid ‘clogging’, which can be a problem with some other turntables. The long-standing S-shaped tonearm also makes an appearance, furthermore aligning it with its predecessor. 

Some sacrifices have had to be made to hit the entry-level price point of £799. Sometimes, it can be hard to remove vital components but keep the quality and performance levels. By replacing the cartridge with an Audio-Technica VM95C with a conical stylus and an aluminium cantilever and coil and removing the phono stage, the damage is limited and almost unnoticeable, delivering a cost-effective solution without compromise. 

Those often problematic vibrations are limited with a high-rigidity cabinet and damping insulator. These in-house developments significantly increase the character of the model without diminishing its capabilities. 

Speaking about the launch, Technics product manager Frank Balzuweit said:

“The huge success of the SL-1500C, offering a fully-featured package for the dedicated hi-fi enthusiast, with all the core Technics turntable technologies, has shown we have hit the mark within a popular and competitive turntable class. The demand for this high-quality ‘Plug’n’Play turntable – having exceeded our own expectations – is still undiminished even to this day. However, there is still a strong appetite from the market to deliver a similarly attractive package at an even more affordable price.”

The SL-100 C will be available in Europe from June 2021, and we cannot wait!

Price – £799.

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