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Studio Insight: Computerbandit

The German electronic artist comprises an extraordinary symbiosis of crunchy 80s, synth-wave and edgy electroclash.

Studio Insight: Computerbandit
Photo Credit: Kathrin Herold

The sound spectrum of Computerbandit is bright and colourful. Undoubtedly, his unique sound results from an extraordinary symbiosis of crunchy 80s, synth-wave and edgy electroclash. Without ceasing, he experiments with passion on his old but gold and new treasures of his synthesizer selection.

Computerbandit recently reached around one million plays with one of his seductive synth wave tracks on Instagram. And the video is still spreading virally around the globe. 

To celebrate the release of his latest EP, ‘Back’, we invited the talented German electronic artist to become the first to feature in our new Studio Insight series:

Hey Computerbandit, thanks for joining us here at Mr. Afterparty. How are you doing? 

Hi, thank you, I’m fine and looking forward to getting into this feature. 

Can you tell us the story behind your name? 

I had the name in mind a few years before the Computerbandit project started. The computer plays an essential role in music these days, and I see myself as a lone fighter/lone bandit who acts independently of fixed conventions and likes to stand out from the crowd from time to time. 

How would you describe your particular artistic style? 

When you can’t put my music into a specific genre, I’ve done everything right for me – personally. Nostalgic and melancholic, but I always try to keep the balance from – being somehow beautiful but also dirty at the same time. 

Congratulations on your new release, ‘Back’. What inspired the EP, and how did it come together? 

Thank you very much. I wanted to create a three-track EP that was utterly different stylistically but clearly with my signature. You could also say that EP releases always help me think outside the box and experiment with some tracks. 

Studio Insight: Computerbandit
Oberheim OB-8

What gear did you use in the studio to create it? 

Compared to my older releases, it has become very Oberheim-heavy this time. I mainly used the Oberheim Matrix 6 and the OB-8. The Nord Lead 4 was used as a further supplement, which can be heard very often in my productions. 

What kind of ambience were you aiming to achieve with this release? 

Due to the sound creations, it was almost a sure-fire success and had already manifested in my head beforehand. In line with the current season, the ambience has become darker and more dystopian this time. 

How does your creative and technical process start when making a record like this? 

It’s always totally different. This time I had initially created some sounds I wanted to integrate into new tracks. The previous sound design served as inspiration and starting point for the EP. 

More on production – what are some of your favourite pieces of your studio gear? 

My setup is often expanded or deliberately reduced, and I always like to try out new devices. I often narrow my choices during the process, but the Roland Juno-106 and the Nord Lead 4 are my studio classics. 

Studio Insight: Computerbandit
One of Computerbandit’s Studio Racks, including Roland Juno-106, Nord Lead 4 & more

What secret weapon do you use to round off your signature sound? 

I always want to transfer moods and feelings that should pick the listeners and me up. Character and imperfection are two essential keywords here. It starts with the sound design and continues with the production. 

Why and when do you use headphones instead of a monitor? 

I use headphones very often, and I love them. I know them very well. It took me a long time to find the right ones for me. In terms of linearity, my acoustically rather bad room often needs help to keep up. Although I often switch between headphones and monitors in the ongoing process to get a better overall impression. 

What else have you got coming up in the future? 

At the top of the list is vinyl production. I’ve been putting off my followers here for a long time, and I hope that a compilation can be realized this year. I also have new ideas for future releases, and I’m excited to see what’s come in 2023. 

Computerbandit’s latest release, ‘Back‘, is now available to buy/stream. 

Studio Insight: Computerbandit



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