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Studio Access with Oden & Fatzo

We get exclusive access to French trio Oden & Fatzo’s music studio to find out more about the magic that happens between those four walls.

Oden & Fatzo are hot property in the world of house music right now, carving out a reputation during lockdown for their high energy studio jam sessions, plus music releases on Hedzup, Locus, Moscow Records, and most recently Pitch Records. The duo has found notoriety through their music productions and their bold intergalactic feel-good live performances, dressed as astronauts!

This has extended through to their own label Saké Rec, taking listeners on a journey through the far-flung galaxies of the universe through their music which has brought about some cosmic collaborations with the likes of Herr Krank, Theos, and Baccus, among others.

We sat down with the three space cadets to find out what happens in their space capsule, better known to most as a music studio 😉

Hey guys, we’re so excited to sit down with you and talk about your music. We have been following your music and watching your jams on Instagram for some time, and they are always super dope!

For our readers, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into music production? 

We are Oden & Fatzo, a live electronic trio composed of William from Fatzo and Alex & Abel from Oden. We met at an event where both our projects were booked, and since then, we have always been together. We all come from different universes like rock, funk, or psytrance, so our project is inspired by music from many horizons. We try to mix the inspirations and our different universes to make our live show as creative as possible. Performing live in a group of three is super cool because it opens up many musical possibilities and the visual aspect and energy of the show with our astronaut suits.

Oden & Fatzo exclusive studio live jam

What is your approach to producing a track? Do you have a set workflow?

We often start with the chords on the piano or with a sample to define the scale of the track. Then come the drums and the bassline; once these three fundamentals are together, we start to make the arrangement, and we add all the elements that will define our sound. We have been blocked for a long time by the fact of having a “loop” and not knowing what to add. That’s why we now quickly switch to the arrangement mode to better understand what place we have in our mix and what elements should be added at certain times.

We also think it’s important to never leave the same loop running for too long but always changing the elements every minute or adding new elements to the track. When creating a song, we don’t only think about the club format of a track but also that our listeners can have fun listening to it in their living room.

What are your three go-to pieces of equipment when you’re in the studio making music?

Wavetable: Wavetable is a synth from Ableton, which is really intuitive to use. You can stretch, shape, and morph sounds into a very large sound palette using wavetables derived from synths. We used it a lot in our songs, like on “Super Mega Robot Dinosaur”, to do all the synth parts. But it is also a very powerful VST for Basslines and for modulating LFO on resonance and filters. We have been using it for several years now, and it has really changed and defined the “Oden&Fatzo” signature.

MS-1 – Behringer: The MS-1 is a perfect replica of the famous SH101 Roland. It has superbly well reproduced the warm and round, analogic sound of its predecessor. The FM modulation of this synthesizer sounds wonderful. We use it in our songs to make wavy leads you can hear on “Ob1 Kenobi”, but we also use it for basslines and arpeggiators.

Godfazer: Godfazer is a powerful modulation effect plugin. You can do chorus, phasing, filtering, rotary speaker emulation in the same VST.  We use it in a lot of our sounds to make our chords and stabs samples less “raw” and create unique filter variations like on our track “Denver in the Sky”.

What has been the most valuable thing you have learned in your time as music producers?

Be focused and committed to your creation, but don’t push yourself too hard. OB1 Kenobi was our first song to hit more than 100K plays and be played worldwide, and we have learned a lot of the story behind it. We were making music seven days a week at this point, and the songs began to sound less creative and always the same. We were definitely pushing too hard, so we decided to take a one-month break. After this break, we created the song in six hours in one shot. Sometimes doing something else for some times can be the best thing to keep your creativity flowing. 

At what point with using outboard equipment would you look to turning to ‘in the box’ production techniques?

There are no rules. I think it’s more about knowing your setup. We use some outboard equipment when we are looking after a certain type of sound signatures. We don’t have any rule of thumb; sometimes, the tracks can be 100% in the box. It depends on our inspiration, but the hardware gear can give you an “instant feel” when creating patches or playing music that can often lead to interesting musical ideas, which is the reason why we like it so much! We have many reverb pedals to create deep textures that can be replayed into the Ableton sampler. Still, we don’t use so many external effects because we want to be able to fine tweak some parameters later into the track, which you can’t do if you have already recorded the effects!

When you’re not in the studio, what helps keep you inspired when you get back in the studio?

Everything can be inspirational. We like a lot going to the cinema, watching movies, reading books, comics or mangas. Music is a feeling, and everything that isn’t music can help get into the right mindset to create tracks and express interesting ideas! 

Of course, we also listen to a lot of music, and not just house music, but also jazz, rap, and try to find creative new twists everywhere. If you are a young producer, I think the best advice would be to stay curious about everything! 

Thanks for letting us into your studio guys and putting together a jam for us 🙂 

Thank you for this lovely interview! 




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