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Reviewed: AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Headphones

The TMA-2’s focus on sustainability does not compromise sound quality whatsoever.

Reviewed: AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Headphones

With so many headphones to choose from in the lucrative DJ market, it is often hard to filter through the clutter to find the best quality cans for performance. Choosing the right pair of headphones is a very personal choice but, we find that a little help can go a long way in the decision making process. 

As a DJ myself, It is important to me to find a pair of headphones that are lightweight but sturdy. The clarity of sound needs to be crystal clear, and the bass punchy. This is to overcome the loudest of venue sound systems. I also feel that sustainability should play a part in our roles to help the planet. 

Enter the AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Modular Headphones. 

I recently had the chance to explore the features of the headphones and their multiple feature settings, testing their performance on the famously bold – EGG London sound system. 


Normally, the summary will come at the end of a review, but I feel that it is important to kick things off with the overall experience for those that do not want to read the technicalities and intricacies of the features or product info. 

The AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular DJ Preset sound clarity is second to none through external noise cancellation playing a big part in the sound success. The Punchy SO2 drivers do take a little away from the mid-levels and lower-end frequencies. For those DJs wanting that kick in the bass, they are a superb option. 

The interchangeable aspects are a superb feature for both expense and sustainability. The ability to swap out different drivers, pads and cables for a different environment frequency should be admired and enjoyed. This feature alone will save a lot on cost as you can buy the components for each preset. 

The AIAIAI ethos is to produce headphones that reduce the effect on the environment via recycled material and build a product that lasts for a longer timeframe by simply swapping out the parts. A big tick. 

For me, they are the best option currently on the market at fair value. The TMA-2 DJ join the likes of Sennheiser for sound quality.

Modular Headphone Features 

Reviewed: AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Headphones


The ability to change the headphone components to adapt to your surroundings is an exceptional feature. There are different drivers, earpad coverings and cables for specific sounds and situations. 

The DJ preset comes with SO2 drivers, which are full of punchy bass and ideal for club venues. The sound capture is incredibly crisp, and the quality of sound is not compromised by the interchangeable components. The bass is super-impressive, and although the mids are affected to a point, the purpose of the drivers is a success story. 

The other main driver code is the SO5, which is intended for the studio and production. The SO5 option is the priciest of the drivers. They are constructed from stiff Bio-Cellulose, aiming to deliver a more natural tone. After first using the S02 drivers, the S05 was a refreshing sound change and the polar opposite of the earlier drivers characteristics. 

My one slight issue with the interchangeable aspect is the magnets used for the pads into the driver. Although they have some strength, they can separate relatively easily which could mean you lose the pad component if you are not extremely careful. The great news is that they can easily be replaced, unlike many other brands! 

The headband itself is lightweight and flexible – a DJs dream. The material is designed to last, and durability is an important feature for the active artist. 

There are a few different spec cable types. This preset comes with a coiled cable with a jack attached! A nice little touch. The cable is adequate in length and easily attaches to the driver unit. 

When swapping out the components, each one is colour coded to align with the headband. Make sure that these match when building your spec, otherwise you may not obtain the best results! 


Sustainability plays a vital role in the AIAIAI story. A conscious effort has been made by the company to reduce its impact on the environment. Throughout the TMA-2 DJ Modular product, recycled plastic components form the heartbeat, which then carries through to the recycled plastic packaging. Another vital point is that the interchangeable aspect of the headphones, prolonging the lifespan of the product. Simply change the drivers and parts to build your specification for DJing, production or wireless rather than having to purchase three different pairs. 


The DJ preset will set you back a calm £140 – 175.

Headphone Configuration

● This preset configuration uses the titanium-coated S02 loudspeaker unit, which provides a powerful and intense sound, ideal for live performances or DJ-ing. 

● The combination of hard-wearing H02 nylon headband and E02 on-ear PU (polyurethane) ear pad with high insulation is ideal for electronic, bass-oriented music. 

Features & Delivery

● S02 Speaker unit with 40 mm titanium-coated driver 

● E02 On-Ear PU (Polyurethane) ear pad 

● H02 Nylon headband 

● C02 coiled cable: 4 mm 

● Cable length: 1.5 m 

● 3.5 mm jack plug, incl. Adapter 

● Sound pressure level: 117 dB 

● Impedance: 32 Ohm

Reviewed: AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Headphones



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