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Paul Oakenfold lines up for the launch of Atlanticus, a new NFT marketplace

We caught up with Atlanticus’ founders to understand the fundamentals behind the new NFT platform and how it will revolutionise the marketplace.

Paul Oakenfold/Pawel Wieloch

Over the last six months, we have offered insight and opinion whilst showing the latest trends and developments on digital assets and currency. One of the more insightful areas has been questioning the role of the record label moving forward with NFT technology advancing at a rapid rate. 

Step forward, Atlanticus…

Atlanticus are about to revolutionise the way we use blockchain technology to give freedom to music artists globally. An exciting ‘music marketplace’ is about to burst onto the scene, collaborating with some of the biggest DJs, brands and producers in the world! 

The first NFT will be dropped in partnership with English electronic music legend Paul Oakenfold. 

We spoke to the team behind Atlanticus, posing some questions to understand the fundamentals behind the move and share important answers to some of the more technical based issues. 

What is the driving force behind Atlanticus, and will it support eco-friendly and renewable energy usage from blockchains as a platform?

Atlanticus’ driving force is a deep need and seeks a new era in music. It aims to offer freedom for any artists in the world by utilizing blockchain and NFT technology. 

The music marketplace will indeed be eco-friendly as it is using the Binance Blockchain instead of Ethereum. Binance is a smart blockchain relying on 21 centralized servers. The gas fees, like transaction costs, are 100 times lower than while using Ethereum. 

To sum up, Atlanticus will be 200 times faster, way cheaper, and less pollutant. 

Atlanticus, the NFT music marketplace - revealed

What sort of NFT perks will be included? To make an NFT a collector’s item, we know it needs to have a scarcity and rarity value placed against it. How will each category be met?

We are offering only exclusive and rare items that you won’t find anywhere else. Our NFT drops will be either: Unique (only 1), Super Rare (from 0 to 100), and Rare (from 100 to 1000). 

Furthermore, a collector doesn’t have to be fully aware of the complex function of crypto assets and NFTs. Indeed, any uninitiated fan and music lover can log into the platform with a simple username and password, and we will automatically create an account and wallet for him. We want to simplify the experience as much as possible so that it can be accessible to everyone. 

You have some great artists primed to be involved. Can you tell us an exclusive of who we can expect to see over the coming months? 

We could tell you one exclusive artist, but shhh… we prefer to keep it secret for now! What we can tell you is that only for the electronic music genre, we secured 5 drops from some of the industry’s biggest artists… If you were to think of TOP20, we could say that 5 of them are already onboarded to the platform. 

Can you tell us more about the Atlanticus initiative and what it will achieve with donations? 

Altanticus will reserve 5% of all its proceeds to be donated to a non-profit organization called “Atlanticare”. The goal of Atlanticare is to provide recording equipment to musicians offering them a way to benefit from the digital income from their creations. This will take place in regions across the world where, due to economic or political reasons, they struggle to have access to such equipment. 

We believe that NFT’s are the perfect asset for artists to take the lion share of sales from their music. What will be your aims in delivering this? 

One of our main goals is also to offer attractive and transparent remuneration to the artists. Here are some numbers… There is an 80% net of fees on the 1st sales of the NFT – which goes to the artists. Moreover, our smart contract offers 10% royalties return to the artists on all secondary sales. Whether it’s on Atlanticus or off Atlanticus, this part will last forever. 

Will you be collaborating with any other electronic music platforms to move this service forward and deliver key messaging? What will your vehicle be to deliver the brand identity? 

The first drops in the electronic music genre will be auto sufficient in terms of promotion because the community of fans and followers of these artists are huge that they will most likely sell out very quickly. But of course, in the long run, we will work with many platforms and media to promote each drop. This includes Mr. Afterparty’s network of social media and Clubbing TV, the electronic music TV channel now present in more than 90 countries around the world.

When will the first NFT release from Paul Oakenfold drop, and what can we expect from it? 

Atlanticus’ first NFT release with Paul Oakenfold will drop this summer, coming with The Magna Carta. Paul is a three-time Grammy Award nominee and international DJ & producer superstar. You can expect from him a unique piece of music that we consider as a work of art and which is being produced especially to honour the manuscript at the heart of today’s global freedoms, the Magna Carta. 

The transparency is refreshing. Atlanticus has put a lot of thought behind the strategy and the type of blockchain technology they will be using, taking care to keep it green and clean. By introducing ‘smart contracts’, many more artists will have access to the platform and be able to join the NFT community, taking control of their assets and revenue from sales whilst still obtaining the marketing and promotion that runs alongside. 

This is certainly a story to follow closely.

Artists, creators, fans and collectors can get a preview of the launch here.




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