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Label Focus: Dennis Cruz & Eddy M talk MÜSE following the label’s first V/A ‘Summer Cuts’

We posed a few questions to Dennis Cruz and Eddy M about their label collaboration, MUSE, and the release of the Summer Cuts Various Artists album.

The 9 track compilation serves up a selection of ‘must-have’ summer grooves suitable for those rooftop terraces through to the dark and intimate basements. The offering welcomes productions from the like of Solid Grooves family member Bassel Darwish, Ecuadorian hotshot Carloh, and London-based artist Marcellus. 

Launched back in May 2019, MÜSE recently enjoyed its second anniversary and celebrated with releases from artists such as Matthias Tanzmann and Josh Butler. Over a short period, the label has become known for quality productions for the dancefloor whilst showcasing some of the scenes most exciting and upcoming names, such as Alan Nieves and Bizen Lopez. 

In musical terms, the definition of a ‘MÜSE’ is a spirit or source that inspires an artist. This word has brought together two artists with a shared vision. We spoke to Dennis Cruz, and Eddy M regarding their imprint, MÜSE and just how it all came together following the release of their Summer Cuts V/A on the label. 

Dennis, Eddy, welcome to Mr. Afterparty and congratulations, firstly on your second MÜSE anniversary and on your debut V/A with the label. 

How did the label collaboration come about? Who approached who? Who came up with the name? 

E: This label collaboration came together casually. We were in Paraguay for a gig together, and we started to talk about running a new label while we were at the hotel. We recognised that we had the same point of view on what the right ‘sound’ to release was, so the answer 

to the question ‘why don’t we start a label together?’ came very quickly. I didn’t have any ideas about names for the label; it was Dennis who first had ‘MÜSE’ saved away. 

D: As Eddy says, the collaboration came about while we were touring South America. Alongside having a similar taste in music, both of our sounds focus on the groove within tracks. So, we started a label to release this sound together. MÜSE as a name came from me, and it’s simple… the music is our muse.

What is the USP (unique selling point) for the MÜSE sound? 

D: The groove, 100%. We’re not committed to just releasing one genre or one style, we’re open to all kinds of music, but it has to have this groove that makes both us and the dance floor move. 

E: I think MUSE is cool because we’re not just focusing on the style of the track at the time of selection. There’s a strong connection between Dennis and me from a musical perspective, and we enjoy music at a 360-degree level. If we have to take the risk of releasing something out of the ordinary, we do it without hesitation. Finally, for all artists who want to send music to our label, don’t be afraid. Your worst track may be our favourite. You never know! haha 😉 

What was the aim of the MÜSE Summer Cuts V/A? 

E: We didn’t follow any particular aim for this V/A. A few months ago, we decided to release two Various Artists’ releases during 2021. We’re just trying to release fresh sounds while looking for new talents out there at the same time. There aren’t rules to respect on MÜSE; we simply selected these tracks because we liked the mood of each track on the compilation. 

D: Yeah, we’re going to release one compilation for summer and another one in winter from new talents and some label friends with a fresh sound. The vibe of each track included in this compilation is perfect for the summer. 

What are the future plans for the imprint? 

E: With MÜSE, we plan to collect good music to release. We aren’t following a pre-scheduled scheme, we’re just listening to demos and waiting to get the right EP, single, or whatever it is we want to release to make some noise. We’re so happy about the feedback we’ve received until now from the ‘leading DJs’ across the industry and worldwide radio stations as well. The plan ahead is to keep the level and grow, research and have a lot of patience. It wasn’t easy to start with a new record label and then to release music during a global pandemic like this one we’ve been through, but with love and passion, impossible is nothing. 

D: The future plans for MÜSE also include starting some showcases around the world as soon as the pandemic ends, and as mentioned, continuing to release fresh music. You can also expect a new collaboration between Eddy and me soon. 

What advice would you give to any producers who want to send demos for consideration?

D: If you think we can play your track and think that it’s something we’d like, send us your demos – no matter the genre. We listen to all demos we receive via email.

E: Basically, we love groovy tracks with funk and slick drums. However, there is no specific advice to follow. We love magical tracks that stand out during the sets and the positive vibes they can bring. We’re ready to hear clever, innovative, and crazy stuff too. If you have something like this, you should try sending it to us for a possible release on MÜSE. 

It is clear to see that the MÜSE label has a strong identity and some big future plans. With two of the scenes leading names at its helm, there is only one path that the imprint will take. Forward. 

The MÜSE Summer Cuts V/A is out now.




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