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Interview: Luca Bacchetti on his Samplesound pack, being featured on Netflix & more

We caught up with Luca to celebrate the release of his ‘Artist Series’ sample collection for leading sample store Samplesound.

luca press photo

Luca Bacchetti’s intriguing backstory saw him go from being a radio host on local Italian stations to one of the world’s most sought after DJ/Producers. Beginning in Hip-Hop and Black music genres, Luca traversed through the medium of Drum & Bass and Jungle before finally arriving in the realm of House & Techno – in a journey spanning over three decades. 

Forever pioneering – the Endless Records label boss’ works have seen him feature prominently on many well-respected imprints – including his own. In a bid to give something back, Luca recently took to the studio to craft a very personal and telling sample collection for leading sample store Samplesound’s ‘Artist Series’. 

We caught up with Luca for an interview that takes a deep dive into his world and talks about his latest projects, sharing many of his makings along the way: 

Hi Luca, thanks so much for lending us some of your time. For some of our audience that may be new to your work, let’s start with a quick introduction to yourself? 

What can I say? I am an Italian producer and DJ who, over the past 20 years, has produced his fair share, played in 90 countries and made people dance much more abroad than in my own country – and made millions!

 One of these statements is false; you tell me which!!! 

Your latest project is an immersive sample pack created for Sample-sound. Tell us a bit about how that came about and any specific inspiration behind it. 

This is my first sample pack: with the passing of time, I’ve managed to overcome the innate ‘jealousy’ every producer has over their own sounds. These days, to be able to share the distinctive sounds from my productions has become a real pleasure – similar to releasing a new track. After all, my creative flow is constantly evolving, and we are only at the beginning of this particular adventure. 

Artist Series - Luca Bacchetti (Afro, Deep & Electronic Sounds)

The art of sound creation is often an indicator of technical ability. How important is it, in your opinion, for artists to explore the more granular side of production

I’ve loaded this sample pack with everything, from sounds obtained using modular systems and vintage synths such as Moog to LIVE percussion or field recordings. I no longer make any distinctions between analogue and digital; the important thing is how you use a sound, what it transmits and not so much where it comes from. 

This sample pack shows a level of depth to you that people may not have seen before. What was the impetus for this, if any? 

Capitalising on years of careful research; the first lockdown gave me the opportunity to put the time in and select the most important things of the moment. Those who have followed me over the years will recognize some of my signature sounds, and I am pleased that these can now be used in new contexts and have been given a new lease of life. 

What do you do to stay loose and keep your creativity flowing? 

When I’m struggling to come up with something, I try to exasperate the situation by allowing myself to get really bored, and so, I do all I can to create the conditions for this to happen. It may seem strange, but this technique allows me to reboot with renewed impetus. After all, the creative muse cannot be controlled. It is she who calls the shots. 

We enjoyed watching the sample pack presentation video. Can you tell us more about the creativity behind it? 

As has been pointed out to me many times, there is a strong organic link between my music and the natural world, and it’s true!

I hail from the Tuscan countryside, not from a big metropolis: in the video, you can see a slice of my world; the wooden snare is much more part of my genetic make-up than a 909 snare. 

So, a ‘surreal’ world has been recreated on the basis of my imaginary soundscape and vice versa. 

If you could describe Luca Bacchetti in five words or less, what would they be? 

Restless, passionate, delicate, but at the same time strong and determined. 

How hard has it been for you – from an artist’s perspective – during the pandemic? 

During the pandemic, both my heart and mind sunk deep into dark places. Making music and podcasts kept me from going completely off the rails and helped me find motivation and renew my focus. Music heals me, not just my music, all music. 

What golden piece of advice would you give any aspiring artist? 

Follow your own instincts, always. Work hard, and you will be free, simple as that! 

Tell us about any exciting future projects, releases or performances in the pipeline. 

I have a bunch of remixes coming out and new original works too. 2022 also sees me busy with ICONYC TV, a series dedicated to electronic music to be released on Netflix. It’s very exciting! In my episode, I will have the opportunity to show and tell you all about my world! 

I also have two remixes coming up in March on Peter Gabriel’s label ‘Real World X’.

Artist Series – Luca Bacchetti (Afro, Deep & Electronic Sounds) is out now via Samplesound.




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