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Exclusive interview: Joseph Capriati on his unique Reggia di Caserta live stream

Joseph Capriati talks to us about his live stream tribute to his hometown of Caserta, and what inspired his music selection.

We have been witness to some pretty extraordinary live streams over the years. With the global coronavirus pandemic changing the way we have been able to digest our after-hours entertainment and electronic music fix, there has been an incredible rise in live streaming services, and of course, live streams themselves.

The latest standout live performance came recently as a collaboration between Beatport and Mixmag. Techno phenomenon, Joseph Capriati, treated us to an outstanding hour and a half long performance at an 18th-century royal palace in his hometown of Caserta, Italy.

The UNESCO site, created by the Bourbon king Charles III in the mid-18th century to rival Versailles and the Royal Palace in Madrid, along with its stunning gardens, provided the aesthetic backdrop to an undeniable statement performance from one of techno’s undisputed icons. 

Following a horrific start to 2021 for Joseph, marred by a life-threatening incident, we were delighted to see him back to his absolute best during an unforgettable live stream performance – full of his usual verve and animated stage presence.

One of the kings of techno performing in a former royal palace is not only fitting, but the performance itself – which blends driving techno, breaks, electronica and much more – is a timeless rendition of modern performance art. 

Set against one of the most culturally significant pieces of historical architecture from the artist’s native anchoring, this is the level of thought and creativity that we love to see in the field of visual streaming DJ sets.

Why did you choose the Reggia of Caserta (Royal Palace of Caserta), and does it have any particular meaning to you?

Well, let’s start by saying that Caserta is my hometown 🙂 And I particularly chose the Reggia of Caserta because it’s a symbol of my city, an important symbol of my city. Still, it’s also well known all around the world as it was built by the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies as their main residence as kings of Naples. For me, the Reggia of Caserta is one of the biggest expressions of Italian art and architecture; it’s something really beautiful and untouchable, born from the genius of the engineer and architect Luigi Vanvitelli, who was in fact commissioned to create the most beautiful palace in Europe. Nowadays, the Reggia of Caserta is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was actually one of the reasons why it was not easy at all for me to get the permit to perform there, as you can imagine! Playing there for me was something absolutely legendary… For my city and for my career, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to express as its best my music message, which is all about art, freedom and music. We did a great job, and I’m very happy with everything.

How would you describe the feeling and the emotions playing there, in such a wonderful place but without public?

That’s a good question because I’m, of course, not used to performing without a public in front of me, but when I’m mixing in the studio naturally. I have to say that playing there really made me feel alive… I felt like all around me was dancing, the art and architecture – which has more than 250 years – fusing with my music. It was just beautiful. I also have to thank the guys from We Are Factory: they did an incredible job with the production, the drones and the recording cameras.

We really loved the whole set and saw you happy and enjoying it! We’d like to know more about what has inspired your particular music selection and what you thought when preparing it?  

I have been focusing a lot on music this past year, and this set represented for me a new beginning. It’s not very different from what I usually do, but you can hear some metamorphosis in my music taste and selection. I really work hard nowadays, I’m more focused than ever in production, and actually, most of the tracks I played are part of my new upcoming projects 🙂 I’m very happy that you enjoyed it.

Are any tracks worth mentioning for any particular reason?

There were few tracks that mean a lot to me actually: the opening track, which is part of a collaboration with Enzo Avitabile, Enzo is one of Naples’s biggest legends that ever existed, and our track is not only unreleased but also included in our upcoming album… which is going to be something epic. Other tracks worth mentioning are also brand new ones: one, ‘Sogno Profondo’, which has just been released via Afterlife and included onto their ‘Realm Of Consciousness Pt.V‘, and another one is a special collaboration with Anthony Rother via his alias, Datapunk. A lot of fresh and new music as you can see 🙂

Describe this live streaming with three words (by giving 3 adjectives)

Classy. Detailed. Honest.

Would you like to dedicate/are you dedicating this stream/performance to anyone?

Yes. I want to dedicate my performance to all the people all over the world who are suffering throughout these challenging times, and I also want to dedicate it to the music scene, which is really living the more difficult times it has ever seen. Last but not least, I dedicate this streaming to my city, Caserta and to the whole region of Campania, which I proudly represent all around the world.

Thank you very much for this interview; it was a pleasure.

Here is where you can catch Joseph Capriati playing this August Bank Holiday weekend in the UK:




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