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Interview: Gold Lemonade on their latest release, their foundations and the future

The duo’s latest release “Sexxey” features on esteemed industry-focused imprint Lady Of The House.

Interview: Gold Lemonade on their latest release, their foundations and the future

Discovered by music legend Jackie Jackson (of The Jackson Family), Gold Lemonade are DJ & Producer Lya Lewis and Caribbean hip-hop rooted Jvgg, whose mix of hip hop and electronic sounds are making sparks fly with their releases and Live shows. 

Their recent single, the edgy and groove intensive “No Hollywood”, a house banger, amassed over 500K streams and more than 650K views on TikTok in less than two months. This year Gold Lemonade have also released on prestigious electronic music labels, including ‘In Rotation’ for Insomniac Records and ‘Uprise Music’ featuring on key Spotify Playlists such as Operator (500K followers). 

Creating a dynamic and unforgettable live experience fusing energetic house with a rap vocal act, in the last 18 months, Gold Lemonade have performed over 200 shows, including headlining renowned events and more intimate spaces, including 1212 Nightclub in Santa Monica; Bootsy Bellows in Beverly Hills and Marquee nightclub, Discopussy and the Latin American Awards in Las Vegas.

Alongside this the duo are official ambassadors for the clothing brand Fashion Nova + NovaMen. They are one of the first ambassadors from the electronic music world.

To celebrate the release of their latest record, “Sexxey”, on Lady Of The House, we caught up with Gold Lemonade for an immersive look into their world:

As your new release, “Sexxey”, starts to pick up support, how’s the reaction been so far? 

Lya: Our style is currently more on a G-House/Bass House vibe, but with this song, we specifically wanted to return to the original House sounds that are dear to my heart, closer to what I was doing before in my solo career. 

Nevertheless, we wanted to give this song some colour by bringing a game of bass, synth and drums and a little more Tech house. “Sexxey” is a much more sensual, sexy and feminine song than our last releases – haha!

We’re working on some more songs in this House vibe, and we hope to have more releases with Lady of the House in 2023.

How has 2022 been for you musically, and what have been the highlights, including releases, shows and more?

2022 was a great year! We had our best year to date in term of streaming, and we released our biggest song to date – “No Hollywood”. 

Our songs have been supported by major DJs, including Don Diablo, Bijou, R3WIRE and many more. We feel that we found our sound this year, and we’re so happy and confident about it ! 

Also, we became ambassadors for the famous clothing brand Fashion Nova, allowing us to express ourself even more with fashion. We can’t wait for 2023; we got so much great things coming!

Interview: Gold Lemonade on their latest release, their foundations and the future

How does it feel to have your music released on Lady of the House? 

Lya: I’m really honoured to release this track with Lady of the House. In my personal life and because of my life story, I am very involved in women’s rights issues. 

It’s something that has always been close to my heart, and I have lots of personal projects in this direction: opening my own association, opening a youtube channel with interviews of women who have fought for things to move forward, etc. 

I discovered Lady of the House by searching the internet for initiatives I could join to contribute even more. I was delighted to find a structure that brings together my passion for music and the mission close to my heart.

Jvgg: I’m really happy to be a part of the movement especially as a man. I’m aware of the difficulties that women are facing in everyday life and in all the industries, and If I can help spread awareness to my peers, I’m really happy about it. 

I really love what Lady of the House stands for, and I hope for a change in this society. 

What’s your musical journey been like so far?

Lya: In 2015, I travelled to the United States with the aim of perfecting my English, but above all, with the desire to expand my career internationally as a DJ & Producer. 

A few days after my arrival, I was at a cafe terrace where I unexpectedly had the incredible chance to meet Jackie Jackson (eldest member of the Jackson 5) and his wife. That day, I was spoke with them about my career, dreams, desires, and the reasons that had pushed me to this trip to the United States. 

They must have sensed my passion and determination because a few days later, I received an email from Jackie Jackson inviting me to his studio to listen to my work. At that time, he was looking for producers to compose songs for one of his artists, and what he listened to that day was exactly what he was looking for – that’s how it all started. 

Back in Paris few months later, I went to the studio where I used to work, and that’s where I met Jvgg. He had just signed as an artist to the studio’s label, and is an incredible vocalist and lyricist. 

Icing on the cake, coming from the Caribbean, he wrote and sang in English. He was the perfect person to work with me on the productions for Jackie’s artist. We composed and wrote together many songs for the artist then we started to feature with each other on our personal compositions. 

The chemistry was so strong that we decided in 2017 to create a duo by mixing our two styles: Electronic music and Hip Hop. Gold Lemonade was born. 

Jackie, very excited about our project, signed us to his Critically Amused music label, going on to sponsor us so that we could come and live in the United States, where we live today. It’s unique, and it often feels like a fairy tale.  

Interview: Gold Lemonade on their latest release, their foundations and the future

How did you get into music?

Lya: I started my career in 2010, and everything accelerated very quickly because a few months later, I won a DJ contest organised by a big French electronic label, and I signed my first artist contract. It was a great experience, but unfortunately, with our visions being very different, I left the label two years later.

I then signed on for a residency at one of the best Parisian house music clubs at the time, Les Jardins de Bagatelles. Since then, I’ve performed in many clubs all over France and Europe, and opened for big names like Kavinski and Mr Oizo. I’ve performed at events for the famous French label Ed Banger . I’ve also performed in the duo Luvgonetrash with Teo Moss, touring successfully for a few years.

Jvgg: I started making music in 2010 also, in St Marteen in the Caribbean as a Hip Hop producer and vocalist. In 2012, I moved to France to pursue my career, and I got my first success collaborating with the famous DJ duo, The Nycer. 

“Where You Wanna Go” was played on all the major radio stations and scored millions of views. I toured with them that year which was my first experience in some major electronic music clubs. 

In 2017, I moved to Paris, signing with the label, One Time Rec Odds, where I spent day and night in the studio working on lots of projects for several different artists, and that’s where I met Lya. The rest is history. 

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Lya: Of course, there have been so many challenges along the way. It’s an extremely difficult industry where you can never give up. I went through ups and downs, disappointments, hard times in my career, but that makes me who I am today – it forges an extraordinary strength. 

Being a woman in this environment, we have to fight even more to find a place for ourselves and be respected as an artist. Especially when I started, there weren’t many women on the decks and producing, and it was hard to get taken seriously or find collaborators with good intentions. Fortunately, things have changed a lot since.

Jvgg: I think the music industry is really challenging in itself. Just to get into it is already so difficult. Then you have to deal with everything that comes with it: financial struggle, disappointments, doubts etc. 

I slept in a studio for over two years in really tough conditions, but the music always kept me going. 

What are your future Plans? 

We will continue to work hard to offer lots of new music to our audience and to expand our career as much as possible. We can’t wait to travel the world, play in all the biggest festivals and clubs and meet and vibe with our audience. 

We have lots of ideas for the future, things we want to develop in our shows, videos etc. And we know that the more success we have, the more we will have the possibility of setting up all the ideas that bubble in our heads. 

We also have collaborations with artists we love coming out in the next few weeks and months. We know that 2023 will be a busy year for us, and we can’t wait!

Interview: Gold Lemonade on their latest release, their foundations and the future

What artsists would be a dream to collaborate with or have remix your work? 

Lya: AC Slater, Bleu Clair, J Worra, Joyride, Malaa, DJ Snake, Habstrakt, Sam Divine, Mark Knight, Flume, Tony Romera, and many more electronic music artists! Also, my absolute crush this year is Rosalia, as she’s incredible! I would also looooooooove to work with IAMDDB and H.E.R! 

Jvgg: MalaaMarten Horger, Bijou, Tony Romera, AC Slater, Anderson Paak and Caskey. 

Gold Lemonade’s new release, “Sexxey”, is out now on Lady of The House. You can buy/stream it here:

Follow Gold Lemonade below for their latest updates:




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