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Interview: Cloonee x Wade on making ‘Mi Amor’

We caught up with the tech-house producers ahead of their debut collaboration project, Mi Amor and got a little advice for upcoming producers.

With releases on some of the biggest house music imprints around, including Moon Harbour and Solid Grooves, Cloonee has seen an astronomical rise in reputation over the last few years. Since his high-profile debut release on Elrow Music in 2017, the British producer has rapidly become known for delivering dance floor anthems full of creativity and vibrancy. 

On a similar trajectory, Spanish tech house supremo Wade has been storming his way into the upper-echelons of the scene with a string of high-calibre releases on labels such as Sola (Solardo), Relief (Green Velvet) and the widely respected Cr2 Records. The Wade journey has been a real success story as adoration for his acoustics can be seen from all corners of the globe. 

So, what happens when two of the biggest forces in this genre collaborate on a project to create a piece of music? Mi Amor. 

Here is the lowdown: 

Q: Hi guys, and welcome to Mr. Afterparty! Thank you for taking the time out to have a chat with us. How long has Mi Amor been in the making? 

Cloonee: So the actual song itself is relatively new! I think I started the idea off a couple of months ago. However, the process of getting a collab together that we could release has taken quite a while, yeah! I’d say about a year of back and forth with ideas until we got something we were really happy with! 

Wade: Not so much. This track didn’t take so much time. He sent me the main idea, and then I finished it. It was so great to work with him! 

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Spanish horn sample? 

Cloonee: There was no like set plan to use a Spanish horn, it was just a random sample I stumbled upon one day, and it instantly caught my ear. But after starting the track, I thought Wade would be perfect for collaborating with! 

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That’s usually the case with a lot of music I start. I never really have a set plan of how it’s going to turn out. I’ve always found natural ideas are best; otherwise, you end up stressing over making it sound how you wanted it to, instead of how it naturally should sound if that makes sense aha!?

Q: Who came up with the track cover art idea? 

Cloonee: So all the artworks for CLNE are done by myself and my flatmate, who’s a graphic designer. We’ll always sit at the same desk and brainstorm ideas; he’s great at converting the vision I have in my head onto paper, so it works well! 

But the idea for this was to keep it pink as “Mi Amor” translates to my love in Spanish; this is also why we put the drawn love heart on there. Then we always stick with the theme of musical storage devices. 

Q: So, tell us. Is this a collaboration that we are going to see a lot more of? 

Wade: We have made more tracks together but we never released it. We definitely will make more music together in the future! 

Cloonee: Well I don’t see why not as we have a fair few shows together over in Spain very soon, so we’ll be spending a lot of time together. 

Q: Cloonee, one for you. What advice would you give to any upcoming producer when wanting to start a collaboration with another artist? 

Cloonee: I would say don’t rush into it! Take the time to find your own sound as that’s the most important thing. Then once you’re comfortable with your own style, find an artist who you think would complement it and reach out. Build a friendship and go from there! 

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Q: Wade, we have been following your journey for quite some time here at Mr. Afterparty, is there anything you can share with us exclusively about your plans this year? 

This year is going to be awesome. After a year of being at home, thinking about everything in your life, now we see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have got many new projects coming out as my future label called ‘Criterio’ and tons of tracks to be released. 

Q: Lastly for you Wade. What one tip would you give our budding producers regarding finding the right label for their productions? 

You must create your own style from the beginning. There are so many producers out there right now, and if you want to stand out, you must work hard in the studio; just be patient and enjoy the process! 

Wade & Cloonee – Mi Amor is out now on CLNE.




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