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Inside Five: WLAD talks hedZup, his upcoming London showcase & more

In recent times, WLAD’s hedZup imprint has gone on to become a burgeoning benchmark for underground producers globally.

Inside Five: WLAD talks hedZup, his upcoming London showcase & more

WLAD is a French DJ / producer and the founder of the hedZup Records label. Of Parisian origin, he grew up in a family of music lovers. Cradled between Jazz, Disco and Flamenco, he learnt to play different percussions. This former breakdancer was so passionate about vinyl that he collected from his teenage years that he became a hip hop DJ – thanks to the arrival of the French Touch and all of its talented artists who made him famous all over the world. They inspired him and gave him the desire to embark on a career as an international DJ producer.

In recent times, his hedZup imprint has gone on to become a burgeoning benchmark for underground producers globally, seen by many as a stamp of quality and a producer of undeniably danceable House music. 

Ahead of his upcoming London showcase – we caught up with WLAD to gain some insight on himself as an artist, as well as the ethos behind the label and more:

Hey WLAD, thanks for joining us. Let’s start by talking about your upcoming trip to London on November 27th at 93 Feet East. How are you feeling about bringing hedZup to the capital, and what can we expect from the party?

Hey guys, thanks for the invitation.

We are super happy to finally be able to perform this showcase which has been postponed since May 2020. London is a must in our industry, and being able to do our first hedZup showcase in the UK at one of the famous 93 Feet East rooms is just huge. Mancini and I have worked a lot to get there.

Tell us a little about the story of the label. Was there any specific initial inspiration behind hedZup, and how much has the sound changed since you started it?

That’s a very good question. The one who came up with the name hedZup was my dad. I was looking for a catchy word, but above all, that could graphically catch the eye.

So “heads” “up” but by writing hedZup with the capital “Z”.

So the first logo represented this Z roughly, and we have kept this writing afterwards. Moreover, those who follow us since the beginning write hedZup like that!

You’ve had some brilliant releases in recent times. I especially loved your remix of ‘Jammin With My Grandmother’. Who and what inspires your unique sound?

Oh really? Thank you very much that makes me happy. In fact, I take a little inspiration from the songs I love, the sounds I hear and I try to reproduce them in my own way. I sample everything on my Ableton push and play live sequences. I also really like that there are multiple sequences in a track, which is why there are often multiple universes in a single song. This is my technique for keeping the listener alert.

What advice would you give to artists that are trying to transition to working in music full-time?

Another very good question. Nowadays, living only from music means having several sources of income in music. The gigs, of course, but also the remixes, the sale of his music on a platform; also making music in a completely different style and placing this music for television, advertising etc. You shouldn’t be ashamed of working side-by-side in a completely different job, even part-time. Everyone knows that to live only from music is not given to everyone and that it implies that the incomes are fluctuating.

Lastly, are there any more exciting things coming up that you would like to share with our audience?

Yes, I am working on a new big project for 2022, but I cannot say more for the moment. I like to keep as much as a surprise as possible to create a nice dynamic but what I can tell you is that it is the most beautiful project ever in my career as a DJ & Producer šŸ™‚

WLAD brings his hedZup brand to London for Hatch Rec X hedZup with Per Hammar, WLAD & Mancini on November 27th at (ONE50) of 93 Feet East.

More info and tickets for the event are availableĀ here.

WLAD: Facebook | Soundcloud

Inside Five: WLAD talks hedZup, his upcoming London showcase & more
Hatch Rec. X hedZup with Per Hammar, WLAD & Mancini



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