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Inside Five: Sergio Sergi on his latest Moon Harbour drop and production ethos

Sicilian native Sergio Sergi is a promising talent adding some serious spice to the scene.

Inside Five: Sergio Sergi on his latest Moon Harbour drop and production ethos

The latest name at the forefront of industry key players is undoubtedly the mercurially talented Sergio Sergi.

Originating from Sicily’s hotbed of Mediterranean culture, Sergio Sergi is one of the region’s most renowned rising electronic music talents. An artist with a diverse background of contrasting sounds, blurring the lines of conformity, Sergi’s production delves into his passion for deepened, atmospheric and dancefloor-focused house music. 

Finding home in London, Sergio continues expanding his notoriety with electronic music fans globally via a supply of high-quality releases on some of the most commanding imprints. Sergio’s tracks are also a favourite for remixing duties, with big players such as Carlo Lio, Leon and De La Swing reworking his magic.

His work finds itself at home on the likes of Rawthentic, CUFF, Inmotion Music, Revival New York, Too Many Rules and many more of the world’s most commendable stables, with regular support from the biggest names in the industry.

We took five to sit down with Sergio to talk about his recent and highly-acclaimed drop on the much-loved Moon Harbour Recordings and find out about his production ethos and arrangements.

Welcome to Mr.Afterparty Sergio! It’s good to have this time with you and be able to introduce you properly to our audience. Let’s get straight into the five!

We know all about the Sergio Sergi journey to date, it has been great to see your rise. Our readers may be new to your background, can you tell us how you got into production and what your ethos is in sound?

I started as a Hip Hop DJ at the age of 14, subsequently moving towards house music after a few years and then, started producing.

I have always been passionate about old school and analogue sounds always combining fantastic melodies and percussions, allowing me to create catchy vocals for my tracks!

I describe my sound as quite deep and, in the meantime, groovy melodic.

Who or what has been your biggest musical influence to date?

For sure, an easy one. The Martinez Brothers.

Your latest release on Moon Harbour is positioned to elevate your reputation furthermore. Can you tell us the idea behind the EP and how it all came about?

The lockdown helped me a lot to select and listen to a lot of music of various genres starting to experiment in the studio and on productions, becoming more and more passionate about this tribal sound that led me to accentuate my production set up even more!

‘Recondmind’ made me take inspiration from Tulum and its parties, I hope to play there one day 🙂

Is there anything you can reveal to us exclusively regarding upcoming releases or Sergio Sergi news?

I have a release on Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato’s ‘Rawthentic’ on June 10th – ‘DALE EP’ in collaboration with Drunk and Play, a young Brazilian duo. I also released one of my most played tracks to date, “Stay With Me”, which recently got crazy attention and support from Michael Bibi, Francisco Allendes, Cloonee, and Hannah Wants.

How has the return to events been since lockdown restrictions eased, and where can we expect to see you in 22’ gig wise? 

We are in the process of organizing the spring/summer dates in the EU and hoping to get to the other side of the world soon! 

Stay tuned.

Sergio Sergi’s ‘Recondmind‘ is out NOW on Moon Harbour Recordings!




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