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Inside Five: Marco Faraone on his latest Drumcode EP

To mark the release of his latest Drumcode release, we asked 5 questions to Marco Faraone for the first edition of ‘Inside Five’.

When you think about pioneering house and techno artists, one of the first names that come to mind over the last few years is Italian sensation Marco Faraone.

Championed for his versatile collection of works – including releases on Rekids, Defected, Mindshake Records, Repopulate Mars, and of course his very own UNCAGE imprint, he now returns to the global techno institution that is Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. 

The duly named ‘Our Freedom’ comes along as the very essence of the title is starting to feel like a realistic eventuality. After a period of – for the most part – uncertainty and not much to sing and dance about, this release is more than just the Techno thunderbolt that it appears to be at face value.

Following the release, we caught up with Marco to talk about the EP and touched on his plans for the future.

The title ‘Our Freedom’ gives a sense of liberation, What inspired you there? Any hidden messages?

I produced this record during all the lockdowns. I really wanted to send something special to Adam, reflecting the moment we all experienced during the pandemic but leaving a message of hope, freedom and a new beginning. I worked really hard to find the right elements to write all these tracks, and I did my best to create an emotional record with four tracks connected to each other. There are no hidden messages, all I wanted to communicate with these tracks is there, and I think you can feel it.

Do you think it’s different to release music at a time when there are few or no events and get it to a wider audience?

Releasing music without playing it in a club is painful, of course, but I really hope that sooner or later this music can be remembered and ready to smash the parties. Music found a completely different way to be discovered, for example in live streams. This year was a big change for many new upcoming artists, to show their potential on the web and promote their music online. It’s a strange feeling, I produced almost 40 original tracks in 2020, including two albums that I composed with a completely different vision, without expecting a crowd reaction. In the meantime, I also worked on different original tracks to complete different EPs, but even if this new record on Drumcode has a club-oriented sound, it has a very deep emotional message in it. Let’s say that when the pandemic moment started I took the chance to work on something different musically and challenge myself into something new, getting out of my comfort zone and produce music without any compromise, trying also to reach a different kind of audience.

You have proved over the years to be strong not only as a techno DJ but also diversifying your sound from tech house to melodic …being versatile is not too common for many artists…how is your sound evolving after this sabbatical year?

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I’ve always been very versatile. This is my religion as a DJ/producer. I started as a DJ in a very small town without a real music scene, so I evolved my sound step by step, discovering new music day by day and maturing my sound into something new, trying to surprise myself as well. I always felt bored to play and produce the same kind of music because I always wanted to evolve and be able to produce different musical shades. My background is very varied; I played almost all genres of music since I started; I’m still young, but I realised the other day that I’ve been DJing for 19 years, and my first record came out 14 years ago! That’s a long time and obviously a long musical process, and it’s not common for many artists I know. Nowadays, if you play just 1 genre that creates “hype” around your name and it’s easier to be recognized, but I always try to be far from who sees music as a “template” or a “format”. During this year, I realised that I was able to create music that I never thought I was able to do, like, for example, my album “HOPE”, one of the most challenging projects of my career, so far away from what I’m musically doing for the club. Music is freedom, creation, evolution! It’s something you do get surrounded by your life, your experiences, your mood. If you put barriers and walls around your creativity, then… you’ll never be free to express yourself.

When are you expecting to play these track in front of a proper crowd? Any forthcoming gigs or live streams you can reveal?

I really can’t wait to play this music out; realistically, I expect things can be better by the end of the Summer and Autumn and be back to normality in 2022. I have a few planned shows in the UK, London, Manchester, Birmingham. I played in Bulgaria last week and I was very moved, it was my first show after 7 months off and I played a very long set because I wanted to test as many tracks possible! It was a very good moment! Everyone seems ready to open, and I have pending requests all around the world, but you know, everyone is in the same situation, we have to wait until we have the final go!

We know you are a huge fan of Mc Donald’s. How many big mac you had while you were making the EP : )?

I’ve been eating garbage food for years on tour; in fact, I was always tired. In the last 2 years, I really changed my diet. I lost almost 30 kg in 1 year (as you can see from my pics). I know I don’t look like Leonardo di Caprio “yet”, but definitely better than before :). I made a big life change, and I stopped eating bad food on the road; I occasionally do it with some friends, but when I’m home and touring, I pay attention to what I eat. I’ve never been a fan, but I loved the taste, especially when I was a young crazy kid on tour without knowing the consequences. If you want to make good music and stay healthy, you better eat good food, this will change your life forever 🙂 ps: the slogan is free.




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