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Inside Five: Johannes Brecht on his latest release, originality, storytelling & more

Johannes is the latest artist on Solomun’s label Diynamic’s ‘Picture Series’.

Inside Five: Johannes Brecht on his latest release, originality, storytelling & more

The world of electronic dance music is such a vast and limitless space, leaving room for an unfathomable amount of talent from around the globe. In a world where you can be anything, sadly, there are recurring trends in the masses – to an almost unenjoyable extent, at times. 

Someone who confidently breaks that mould, however, is classically trained and professional musician Johannes Brecht. Johannes has toured with orchestras throughout the world but (luckily for us all) found his calling in the electronic music space. Lending his talents to the clubland, he has released records on labels like Poker Flat, Mule Musiq, Parquet Recordings, Kompakt, and more recently, Solomun’s Diynamic imprint.

The Diynamic‘Picture‘ series is a document in time, showcasing an artist‘s current creative output and allowing the listener to visualise and understand the artist in a certain period. It‘s a record with various dancefloor-oriented facets of one producer, shaping the imagery that ultimately results in the listeners mind. Previous contributors to the series include the Adana Twins, Tunnelvisions and Moscoman.

With his inclusion in the ‘Picture Series’ on Solomun’s revered Diynamic imprint released a matter of weeks ago, we caught up with Johannes and got to know a little more about the extraordinarily refined artist at his core:

Hi Johannes, welcome to Mr. Afterparty. We are sure that our readers will already know and admire your work. For those that need a little introduction, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in production and how you got into electronic music?

Hi, thanks for having me.

I started early as a child with a classical piano education and double bass. Later, I deepened my knowledge by studying “jazz double bass”. I played bass in various constellations, but I quickly realised that I had to make my own music and produce my own tracks.

Electronic music was always in my focus, and I paid a lot of attention to it. In my beginnings, I was very into experimental music. Later, techno and house came along.

My first releases were on labels such as Sunday Music, Poker Flat Recordings and Mule Musiq in 2013.

You are known for ‘roughing up’ electronic music. How did you define your unique sound and hone in on the direction you wanted to take on your musical journey?

Oh, I love to plunge deep into sound worlds, doing research and looking for new sounds, new sound combinations. I think my fascination is actually the combination of electronic, acoustic and analogue sounds. The combination of different genres also has a great attraction on me.

Many of your EP drops tell a story. What is the inspiration behind a new EP idea and, how do you take it on the path you wish to weave?

As an artist, I think it is extremely important to think about your identity.

I believe the identity of an artist is extremely linked to his output.

Everyday life, the place, friends, nature. All this plays a very important role in the musical output and my identity as an artist. I think it’s important that as an artist I also represent a certain message.

With my pieces, I always try to be in the context of society or zeitgeist. It’s about ideas or approaches that were important to me at the time and that needed to be expressed. Of course, this can happen with lyrics but also with song titles or with the music itself.

We are excited to hear your curation of the 10th edition of ‘Picture Series’ on Solomun’s Diynamic imprint. How did this come about and, what does it mean to you?

Yes, I was also very excited when Mladen asked me for this edition. It’s almost a mini album with six tracks, so that was a challenge.

We tried to show various facets of mine. The pieces were not all written afterwards but come from different periods of my creative work. It was a close and beautiful project, and I am very happy with it and grateful to be part of this series on Diynamic.

Lastly, do you have any other exciting news on the horizon that you would like to share with our audience?

Yes, in a few weeks, a new EP will appear on Adriatique’s label Siamese. I’m really looking forward to it. 




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