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Festival Passport: The Yacht Week Presents Drumcode, Croatia

The Yacht Week Presents Drumcode takes place from 27th May to 2nd June 2023 across several Adriatic Sea talisman locations.

Boats lined up to party at The Yacht Week Presents Drumcode, Croatia
(c) Luke O'Brien

2023 is in full swing, and summer is knocking on the door now. As many of the world’s festivals gear up for this year’s editions, we look at one of the most unparalleled festival experiences on the planet in that of The Yacht Week and their Drumcode event.

Drumcode and The Yacht Week will join forces once again in the summer of 2023 as a flotilla of yachts filled with techno fans and Drumcode artists come together to sail the stunning Croatian coastline and enjoy 7-days of music and intimate parties in genuinely unique locations. The debut event last summer was something special, and 2023 will be even bigger and better with a lineup of serious techno talent. Announced for 2023 are Adam Beyer, Marco Faraone, Layton Giordani, Juliet Fox, Anna Reusch, Eli Brown, Bart Skils, Chelina Manuhutu and Wehbba. The Yacht Week Presents Drumcode takes place from 27th May to 2nd June 2023; for more info, visit

The Yacht Week and Drumcode have partnered to dispel the myth that techno is made purely for underground clubs, raves and festivals. This unique experience provides the perfect platform, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Adriatic Sea and Croatian islands, to demonstrate the versatility of techno as a genre and highlight the nuances and different energy levels that various artists can bring. 

Last summer, this event’s debut saw guests and artists converge to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Guests could enjoy close-up and exclusive DJ sets from world-class DJs as the event redefined what a music festival can be. Drumcode x The Yacht Week delivered a truly inclusive vibe, with DJs partying alongside guests and sailing together as one group of like-minded people. Juliet Fox even took a yoga class for guests as she immersed herself in the experience. 

With this year’s experience setting sail this weekend, we thought it was a perfect time to shed some light on what you can expect from any of The Yacht Week’s incredible events and routes throughout the calendar year. Let’s get into it; it’s Festival Passport time: 

(Answered by Nina Zrinski – Head of Brand & Partnerships at The Yacht Week)

Date & Location:  27th May – 2nd June 2023. 

The trip starts in Trogir, where we have an opening set in the historic walls with Anna Reusch and Wehbba on the decks. 

We then sail to Starigrad, where we form our famous tunnel raft with a DJ set from a floating DJ booth by Juliet Fox and Wehbba. 

The following day we head to stunning Hvar, where we form a circle raft in the morning with Eli Brown and Marco Faraone at the helm and in the evening to Hvar town’s lovely restaurants and bars. 

On Tuesday 30th, we head towards a secluded natural bay where we spend the day swimming, enjoying the sunshine and lunch at sea before a special event in the evening (keep your eyes peeled on our socials). 

Wednesday 31st, brings another day of fun in the sun as we head over to Bol, which hosts Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni Rat, and also Auro Bar, the venue where the artists will do a special meet and greet session with all guests on the route – a pretty special afternoon. 

The following day, we sail over to Vis, where we host a party in Fort George, a 200-year-old fortress with a banging lineup including Adam Beyer, Bart Skils, Layton Giordani and Joel Mull. 

Entry Requirements (Visa/Inoculations etc.): Depending on the travel origin – Please check local restrictions before booking. 

Local Currency: EUR

Averages daily costs: Prices start from 800 EUR for the whole week.

Recommended Sites: The Yacht Week classic parties, the tunnel raft and the circle raft. Our stunning venues include Fort George, a historical castle with spectacular views, and Carpe Diem, a beach club surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and the sea. Of course, the gorgeous Croatian towns like Trogir, Vis, Hvar, Bol and more are not to be missed.

Recommended Restaurants: Our favourite is, of course, the restaurant in Fort George on Vis as well as Black Pepper in Hvar, Fig in Hvar and Bokeria and Boka Morra in Split.

Recommended Cultural Experiences: Try the traditional Croatian dish peka of slow-cooked lamb or octopus dish in one of the restaurants on the route. Explore the gorgeous fortress in Hvar and roam the beautiful alleyways in Hvar, Vis and Trogir. And don’t miss a local market with fresh fruit and veggies. 

Ones To Watch at TYW Presents Drumcode: We have such an incredible lineup on our collaborative week with Drumcode, including Adam Beyer, Anna Reusch, Layton Giordani, Chelina Manuhutu and more. With all the local delights and TYW classic events, this is going to be a techno experience for the history books! 

The pop-up party I mentioned earlier is definitely one to look out for in a veeeery secluded secret location with a very special performance. And to top it all off, the regatta on Friday will host an unseen 4x DJ back-to-back set from a catamaran, streaming the beats to all 25 yachts in the flotilla behind. It’s one incredible action-packed week!

Things to Remember / Local Rules: Use common sense, and respect the local communities and everyone you encounter. If you’re on the week with us, you will be up close and personal with the Drumcode artists, with only 250 people joining this special event, so make sure to give them needed space and time. 

mr. afterparty text body image 8
(c) Luke O’Brien

In keeping with the rest of our series, we caught up with the team behind The Yacht Week Presents Drumcode to chat about what to expect at this year’s edition and more:

How would you describe a TYW event to someone that has never been before? 

It’s pretty unexplainable in words; that’s how good it is. It’s nothing like the real world; it’s an immersive floating festival in the most amazing destinations with such a tight community of guests from all over the world. 

Are there any specific values you strive for when creating your festival experience? 

We strive to make sailing accessible to everyone and break the myths around only being able to sail when you’re older and have made X amount of money. We are passionate sailors and partygoers, and we want everyone to experience how special and amazing sailing is at least once in their lifetime. We also value friendships and connections, and we pride ourselves in being an event that connects people worldwide. Our events are platforms where friendships thrive, and new friends for life are made constantly. 

Are there any specific features that will make this year’s event special? 

The amazing Drumcode lineup and the special events we’ve curated with the Drumcode family. Pop-up parties in crazy locations, as well as our famous floating DJ booth, where DJs will play sets in the middle of secluded bays with people partying on the yachts surrounding them. We’re so excited about this year’s event.

The lineup for this year’s event is another huge one. Are there any artists you are particularly excited about? 

I am so excited about everyone, especially partying with the new faces this year like Chelina Manuhutu, Eli Brown, Wehbba, Marco Faraone, and Anna Reusch, but also reconnecting with some of the artists we had last year – Layton, Bart, Juliet and of course the man himself, Adam Beyer.

Adam Beyer DJing to a crowd on a private boat party at The Yacht Week Presents Drumcode 2022
(c) Luke O’Brien

Are there any new up-and-coming artists people should keep our eyes and ears for this year?  

Eli Brown, Wehbba and Anna Reusch are definitely ones we’d keep our eyes on. 

Do you have any off-site recommendations for visiting international festivalgoers? 

Croatia is full of gorgeous historical towns, and my top recommendation would be to get lost in the little alleyways of Trogir, Split and Hvar. Every street leads to a charming location, amazing off-the-beaten-track bars/restaurants and cafes and those special Instagrammable moments. 

Lastly, describe TYW Presents Drumcode in three words and give us your golden floating festival tip. 

Irreplaceable, adventurous, and fun! I’ve gathered some golden floating festival tips from the team. 

Lydia: Bring speakers for on-yacht entertainment and swim floats.

Marcus: buy more than eight beers for the yacht. 

Nnenna: get a host (chef for the week).

Claudia: Use the outdoor shower on your yacht vs indoor; it’s so much nicer (as long as you keep your swimmers on).

The Yacht Week Presents Drumcode takes place from 27th May to 2nd June 2023; for more info, visit

Drumcode x The Yacht Week 2023 Lineup Poster



The Yacht Week Presents Drumcode takes place from 27th May to 2nd June 2023 across several Adriatic Sea talisman locations.


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