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Apple launches ‘AirTag’ to keep track of everyday items

Last Friday, Apple finally revealed its newest gadget that lets you track personal items from your mobile device.

AirTag Apple

The product’s concept is to work as a private location chip that users attach to the things they lose the most, such as keys, wallets, or bags. The slick small button-shaped design resembles a keyring and can even be engraved with personal initials or emojis.

Working within the ‘Find My’ app, under the new tab ‘Items’, AirTag uses the same Bluetooth technology to track the chip in the phone before offering a few ways of finding it.


AirTags will be available in the UK from the 30th April 2021, priced at £29 for a single or £99 for a pack of four ($29/$99 in the US). Different holders are available and sold separately as accessories.

How does it work?

Apple has designed the AirTag to come with a user-changeable CR2032 battery that will last roughly a year before it requires a new one, so no need for a daily charge. The device is water and dust resistant and can withstand being submerged in water at a depth of 3.3 mt for 30 minutes.

The lightweight product bears a U1 chip that allows for a precise location indoors or outdoors, providing the user is close range; if no location is available, the last known pin-point will display on the map. Always at close range, you can use the app or ask Siri to request the AirTag to play a sound alerting of its position. The app will also use a ‘hot or cold’ feature to let you know if you are getting closer or further away from your Tag.

If a tagged item is lost,  the ‘FindMy’ network will make use of the millions of Apple devices out there to help you find it. When in range of someone else’s device, the AirTag will use the other device to pinpoint its location on your app; the whole process is anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy. Also, whilst your Tag is in ‘Lost Mode’, you can set it to send notifications to nearby device users with your contact information so they can notify you.

Only AirTags and their respective owners can travel together. Your iPhone will recognise any unregistered AirTags that are moving with you and will send an alert. If still unnoticed or unfound, the tag will warn you by playing a sound to let you know it’s there. These alerts only trigger if a tag is separated from its owner.

The new gadget certainly answers many prayers; AirTags offer a quick and easy solution to the everyday struggle of misplaced or lost items, including friends at festivals.

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