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A new trend report shows people are eager to travel for festivals and leisure

The report’s findings give a positive outlook for the travel industry and international event organisers in 2021 and 2022.

Easol is a company providing experience creators with all they need to control all aspects of their business. Ibiza Rocks, The Sunday Times, and Envision Festival are among their clients who use the ‘experience commerce’ platform to manage and grow their brand.

Following the ease of lockdown rules, Easol has published a new report investigating trends around consumer travel and experiences in 2021, focusing on festivals, wellness, adventures, sports and FB.

Launched on the 15th April 2021 and entitled ‘Better Days Are Coming’, the report includes findings from a survey of over 3000 consumers in Europe and North America. It represents a valuable sector’s analysis that will offer experience companies a helpful insight into how people will travel this Summer and beyond.

Key findings:

• 85% of travellers would choose to go on an experience holiday if they could take only one trip in 2021

• 86% of travellers are planning to go on an experience holiday in 2022

• 77.4% of travellers would feel comfortable in a group holiday with people from outside their household

• 59% of people would prefer groups of up to 10 people

• 81% of North American travellers would consider sharing a room with another participant

• 70% of European solo travellers would consider sharing a room with another participant

•75% of creators feel optimistic about their experience business in 2021

• Before the pandemic, 40% of people took three to five trips a year. As many as 33% of us now plan to spend more on travel in 2021 than in previous years. 

Ben Simpson, CEO of Easol, said: “It is an unprecedented time for experience creators who have seen huge challenges, but as we emerge from lockdown, this new era holds enormous opportunity for experience businesses. We are only on the cusp of what is the greatest demand we have ever seen to travel and have these ‘kinetic’, ‘in real-life’ experiences we have been craving for what feels like a lifetime! Experience creators have never had to be so agile and adapt for their businesses to survive. We hope this report provides some hope and useful insights to anyone operating in the experience economy. We look forward to sharing more insights and positive stories in the near future.”




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