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10 festival trends making a comeback this Summer

We have compiled a list of 10 evergreen rave trends that will pop up again with the return of festival season.

Whether it’s glitter on your face during the hottest days of the year, falling asleep in a sweat-soaked bucket hat or spending an hour looking in your bum-bag for that drinks token you thought you had, 9 out of 10 times, you’ll find these trends at the party.

#10 Bucket hats

Credits: Mr. Afterparty/Gabriele Cutrano

Kicking things off is a rave classic that has featured heavily in the dance since the ’90s and still going strong today. How this accessory that came about in the early 1900s, used primarily by farmers and fishermen, became such a popular rave fashion is a mystery. Coming in all colours and sizes, it’s either your thing or it’s not.

#9 Summer shirts

They are popular, and we are sure you will see them at every festival throughout the Summer. Available in various styles ranging from Hawaiian, psychedelic, floral to abstract patterns and vibrant colours, the list of designs goes on and on. These shirts are a rave essential for boys and girls as they battle it out to wear the craziest patterns.

#8 Rain mac ponchos

Rain ponchos are very convenient for when it rains; they’re easy to pack and light to carry. But it doesn’t move past the fact that it looks like you are wearing a colourful bin bag. Either you love or hate them, but we bet you wish you had one when it rains for the closing set.

#7 Bum bags

They come in many forms and names, the man-bag, mini satchels, fanny packs and of course bum-bags (not to be worn by your bum). It is a very practical item to have at the rave,  but who wasn’t lost in their depths, looking at the phone that was a pocket the whole time?

#6 Platformed Trainers

We are unsure if these trainers look cool, comfortable, or even make you look taller. What we do know is that this style of trainer appears at raves everywhere. They come in various designs, but one thing stays true, the huge platform on the shoe’s bottom. Doesn’t all this added weight on your feet make it harder to dance?

#5 Dummies

There’s nothing more unattractive than seeing someone in their mid-20s, covered in sweat, sucking on a dummy whilst stomping to a bassline. Whether it’s with flashing LEDs or the one you stole off a toddler, we are not sure; either way, it looks odd.

#4 Glowsticks

A rave classic going hand in hand with the darkness of indoor and night-time events, glowsticks are a great way to stand out in the crowd. This cheap and cheerful colourful item will make sure you don’t get lost in the rave; however they are made from plastic and the chemicals inside them pollute the air, so as well as being annoying at times, they are quite bad for the environment.

#3 Sunglasses

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For outdoor events, no problem, it’s sunny, they serve a purpose. Inside a warehouse at 4 am, however, Sunglasses cannot be practical for your vision. We all know what eyes look like, especially after a few drinks, besides you can’t see where you’re going. Are you hiding anything?

#2 Underwear as outerwear

Some people at the rave want to take away their clothes’ restrictions and be free to move around in nothing but their underwear. We understand it gets hot at the party, but you will be cold when you leave the hot venue when the party ends. We don’t know what’s worse, being hugged by sweaty bodies or bodies in sweat-soaked clothes?

#1 Body glitter

Trendy man with glitter beard.

Have you ever seen drunken people struggle to put glitter on their face before a rave? It’s great fun to watch! Glitter will allow you to enter the rave like a party fairy, but you might leave it looking like a glam-rock accident. It comes in all shapes and sizes, colours, and styles, from large gemstones to cute dust sprinkles. We warn you; the stuff will get everywhere, and most of your things will sparkle for days to come.




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